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October 15th, 2010

Why are blocked drains such a big problem?

There is probably not a single person who avoided having to deal with plumbing problems. These problems are what we all know well, from clogged drains to bursting pipes. You are lucky if you only face a minor problem. However, sometimes blocked drains can be really nasty to say the least. Everyone has faced a clog in the house pipes at least once in their life. Usually, these are just small issues which can be solved in a matter of minutes. Clogged kitchen or bathroom drains are not a problem. Just pour a powerful chemical and it will remove the pipe blockage in a second.

However, there are some situations which cannot be solved so easily. For example, there might be a heavy clog in one of the pipes connecting all the main drains in the house. Furthermore, big pipes leading outside the house or an apartment can also be clogged. When any of this happens, it becomes your worst nightmare.

The reason why is, that in order to get rid of these blockages you need to inspect the entire drainage system of your house. If there is a major clog in one of the main pipes, you won’t be able to take care of it yourself. How you will know this is that a number of drainage points in your house, such as sinks and toilets will not have a proper water flow. Your toilet will probably be overflowing or have a very slow

flow of water. As for the sinks, they might have no water running down the drain. These are problems that need to be taken care of on a bigger scale. Count on the fact that you will have to call your plumber. Even though professionals, such as Local Sydney Plumber employees, will be able to solve it efficiently, it will probably take a few hours to deal with this problem.

Having blocked pipes can really be an annoyance. You need to do chores around your house you might be expecting guests or just need to go out. Of course, you have to change your daily plans when blocked drains occur in your house. At Local Sydney Plumber we are aware of how much this bothers our customers. With us you can count on the fact that any pipe blockage will be taken care of quickly.

Similar situation occurs when pipes leading outside of your house get clogged. You might have to call your neighbors to share the work or the expenses with you. And we all know how difficult it is to gather people around in these busy times.

Bottom line, it is by no means pleasant to have any drains in or outside of your house blocked. It is because you might end up with a ton of work upon your back. Some serious drainage issues will put you off your planned track. No matter how irritating this may be, you can do nothing but call your plumber to fix it for you.

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