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October 16th, 2010

Water leaking and how to fix it

Water leaking can happen from almost every single appliance that you have in your house. Fixing the leak is one thing but finding it is totally another game. If you’re not sure where a pipe or appliance is leaking water, this article will help you in your endeavour.

Before you try to actually find the leak you should probably make sure that the water you are finding is actually a leak. Just like on a car, condensation can build up around any type of cold water container. If it is an especially hot day outside and you find a small puddle of water underneath your appliances it could simply be from the condensation. When the humidity from outside lands on a colder object such as a pipe or piece of metal it will cool down and form water. If you come back in the day and the puddle is gone or has not grown any larger than it is probably this. If the water comes down though at a substantial rate then you have yourself a leak.

What most people don’t know is that water leaks can be claimed under insurance.

For more information on how to claim and repair water leaks, please contact the Local Sydney Plumber at 1300 556 896

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