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July 7th, 2010

Water Hammer Issues in the Household

Have you ever heard a strange clunking noise coming from your water pipes when you shut off a tap?

This noise could be generated by a common problem known as water hammer.

Water hammer is created when the flow of water is suddenly interrupted by the closing of a valve. Imagine running flat out and suddenly hitting a wall! When you shut off a tap, the inertia of the water gets transferred instantaneously from the water, into the pipe, and disperses throughout the frame of your house. Pipes may be visibly seen moving if they are not adequately secured to the frame of your house. The sound caused by water hammer is very hard to miss and will most likely be heard throughout all of your plumbing.

Water hammer is a common problem found among homes and can be easily fixed by the Local Sydney Plumber.

The issue of water hammer is most often discovered through the use of household appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines as these appliances use a solenoid shut-off valve to stop water flow quickly. Water hammer can and does also occur with ordinary taps and toilet valves.

For more information on how water hammer issues in the household can be fixed, contact the Local Sydney Plumber at 1300 556 896

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