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October 12th, 2010

Unblock a blocked drain

Having a backed up blocked drain is one of life’s pleasantries. Although it may be frustrating to take a shower that takes hours to empty, luckily for you this is a common problem that can be easily remedied. Of course the fastest way to fix this problem would be to call a professional blocked drain plumber but if the problem is small enough you too can fix it yourself.

The first way you can unblock a blocked drain is to get a drain cleaner that can be found at most grocery stores or any home improvement store. Most of these cleaners that you can buy on the open market are acid-based or a type of alkaline solution. When poured down the drain the two mixtures combine and dissolve any clog that may happen in your drain. For those that wish to have a more natural approach to unclogging drains, there is also an enzyme-based drain cleaner which has a less harmful effect on the environment.

Sometimes though the clog is a lot closer than what you think. On many types of showers there is a hair and dirt collector that is located at the very top of the drain. It doesn’t matter how much drain cleaner you pour down it won’t get rid of it, but the great thing about this is you simply have to remove it and pull out any extra hair or other various items that may have been trapped within it. This is the most common problem with all showers and only takes a couple of seconds to clear up.

Sometimes though, the blockage must be physically removed. You can go through a lot of woe and sorrow before you finally realize you do not have the right tools to clear this clog. This is when you should contact our certified plumbers. It’s best to call our plumbers after you’ve tried the other two options. Chances are something a bit more durable than regular dirt is clogging up your drain. It only takes a plumber a couple of minutes to clear the clog but it would have been impossible otherwise unless you had called for him or her.

If you do try to tackle this task alone though be sure to wear proper safety gear. Where goggles and gloves as if you use any type of drain cleaner it can irritate the skin. Also, pressure can build up in the pipe as a drain cleaner takes effect and cause unwanted fluids immaterial to shoot back up the pipe. Although this is rare it is always better to be safe than sorry.

A blocked drain happens all the time and luckily it is a very easy problem to fix. If you know even a little bit of plumbing you should have no problem with it and even if you are totally clueless our plumbers will be more than happy to assist you.

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