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January 2nd, 2010

Toilet repair

Toilet repair is now considered an emergency. Without a toilet your last resort is either a public restroom or the great outdoors and neither is a viable option.  This article will tell you a couple of ways you can fix small problems with your toilet and have it back up and running in under an hour.

One of the biggest causes for a broken toilet is having the water constantly running. Most people can just jiggle the handle and it stops.  The biggest problem with having a leaking toilet is the connection between the toilet bowl and the tank. A way to see if there is a seal problem with your toilet is to take food coloring and pour it into the tank of your toilet. If you don’t use the toilet for a few minutes and you see food coloring in the bowl then that means there is a leak in your toilet.

If your toilet is leaking past the point of DIY repair. Call me and more then happy to help, as this is a repair I have been fixing since i began the trade.

A Toilet repair does not have to be hard thing and almost anybody can learn how to do it. If the problem is small enough you’ll have no trouble whatsoever in fixing it as most problems are very manageable.

To find out more on how we can help with the repair of toilet please contact the Local Sydney Plumber on 1300 556 896

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