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October 10th, 2010

Three ways to clear a blocked pipe

Pipes can easily be blocked and clogged by simple things such as hair, grease and kitchen waste. Putting off cleaning them is never a good idea. Not only will water slowly start to back up but the actual smells and odors will start to come from the hole itself and onto your property. If you ever see any signs of a blocked drain you should take care of it at once as replacing pipes can be quite expensive. By stopping a blocked pipe right away saves you money in the end.

The first thing to do to clear a blocked pipe is to see where the blockage is. Sometimes it’s just hair that is few inches down in the pipe and can be easily removed with a small tool. It’s never advisable to stick your hands down there as you never know what exactly your drain has accumulated over time. In fact if you have a problem with your bathtub you can usually remove the drain and then remove the hair from the hair catcher and that solves the problem most of the time. If there is no noticeable clog within a few inches of your drain you will probably need our plumbers.

You can rent and electric eel and do it yourself. The eel will have a further reach and will allow you to unblock the drain by extending the prongs and removing the waste. As you do this make sure to run a little bit of water to make sure that what you’re doing is working and to help aid in moving the clog further down the pipe. Just make sure that the blockage doesn’t get wedged again as you do this. After you have the clog eliminated wash down some cleaning fluid to disinfect the area as some unwanted vermin may have created their new homes in the pipe since then.

There are also some plumbing fluids you can buy at any do-it-yourself store to aid in your struggle. Buying something such as Drain-o usually will help the unclogging process. Essentially two liquids are stored inside of this container. When you pour the two liquids down the hole they combine and create a type of foam. This foam will expand and start to deteriorate the clog and break it up so that when you run water down your pipe it will wash away the clog and force it farther down. Take caution when using this method as the foam and liquids are very strong and should never come in contact with your eyes or your skin. To be safe, wear proper equipment such as gloves and goggles as sometimes harmful vapors will come up through the hole after you have poured the mixture down it.

Most of the time these methods will fix the problem, however if the problem persists contact our plumber’s immediately to help you with your problem.

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