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October 14th, 2010

The home plumber checklist

Every household faces plumbing problems at times. These problems can range in seriousness from a simple sink clog to bursting big drainage pipes. In situations like the mentioned ones, people usually opt to call the plumber. However, professional help might take a while to come and fix the problem. There are situations where you can solve the problem yourself or at least inspect it properly before your plumber arrives.

The most common and not the most pleasant of problems are drain and pipe blockages. You might have a milder or a bigger clog in some drainage pipes. Most often, clogs originate from kitchen waste, hair or grease stuck in the pipes. These are quite easy to solve yourself but not very nice to observe. There are a few things you might want to have on you in case any of these clogs happens.

Usually, a typical household will have things like flash lights, screw drivers, wires, hammers etc. If you are willing to equip your house with some plumbing tools, it can only benefit you. This way you will be prepared for a plumbing emergency. The tools you can have are plungers and drain augers. These tools will help you get rid of nasty drain clogs.

A plunger is a universal tool for getting rid of drain clogs. Simply thrust it back and forth on the opening of a vacuumed drain, and it usually does the work. Avoid pouring chemicals down your drains. These will only get you into trouble, as they may damage your hands and eyes and even burst if you are trying different ways to unclog blocked drains.

For bigger clogs you will want to use an auger or even a plumbing snake. The former one is easier to handle. You will either take the clog out of the pipe or push it down the drain. Not the nicest sight, but worth the repair.

For sink drainage blockages, you will need a flash light to locate the problem. In most cases the blockage is on the trap in the pipe leading down from the sink. Here, you will need to remove the pipe and also the clog wearing gloves. If you had used chemicals before this operation, it is recommended that you wear an eye protector because the chemicals may pop out of the pipe and harm you.

In addition, the pipes leading outside the house may be clogged. Check the manholes using your flash light. For these blockages you will need to contact the plumber.

Drain clogs are probably the most irritating things that can occur in a household. They are also the most frequent ones. You should be prepared for them and always have some tools to fix them. Even though they may be odd to do, they are nothing to panic about. Some other problems that can happen are usually not as serious as big drain clogs, but as long as you are cautious and confident, you can fix them.

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