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October 16th, 2010

Six Common Sydney Plumbing Problems

Below are six common plumbing problems requiring urgent repair, details of how your plumber would respond to these problems.

1. Toilet cistern flushing problems

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Toilet cistern flushing problems are arguably the most common reason that customers need to call. To turn the water supply to your cistern off in a rush, find the control tap underneath or inside the cistern. The typical response would be to inspect the problem with the cistern mechanism and replace the faulty valve or seals.

Tip: Keep an eye on your toilet cistern and if it doesn’t seem to be flushing properly, it may be worthwhile to call our plumbers.

2. Blocked drains

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A blocked drain is another common plumbing emergency requiring urgent assistance. The course of action taken by a plumber called to fix the problem would typically be to clear the choke causing the blocked drain using a high pressure water jetter or a plumber’s snake. In the case of a reoccurring blocked drain, a CCTV drain camera inspection may be necessary to help identify the problematic section of pipe work and then replace it.

Tip: Early detection of a blocked drain will usually reduce the cost in clearing it. Signs to listen and watch for include a gurgling sound coming from the floor waste or toilet and the drain outside the house overflowing while water is being used.

3. Split hot water heaters

Inconvenient though it is, hot water heaters tend to split in the early hours of the morning, as this is when fewest people are using water and water pressure is at its highest. This usually means that an emergency plumber is required to turn off and drain the hot water heater, and then return during business hours to install a new hot water heater.

Tip: Run hot water in a white bath or basin. If the water appears slightly rusty, it would suggest that the inside of your hot water heater is deteriorating and it may need replacing.

4. Burst or leaking water pipes

Leak detection available

Burst or leaking water pipes often cannot be ignored and require immediate attention. After locating the leak or break in the pipe (if not already obvious), an emergency plumber would turn off water supply and repair the pipe, and then resume supply and test for leaks.

Tip: If possible, turn off the water at the main and wait until the next day and call a plumber during business hours to avoid paying emergency rates. This may not be possible if it occurs on the weekend and water is required, though.

5. A tap that can’t be turned off

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Taps that are unable to be turned off often require an emergency plumber. The course of action taken would be to turn off supply and service or replace the tap. Your emergency plumber would then resume the water supply and check that the tap now works, as well as test for any leaks.

Tip: Taps normally become stiff and difficult to turn before becoming completely jammed. If you notice your tap is becoming difficult to turn on and off, call a plumber during business hours.

6. Gas leaks

Gas leak detection available

Gas leaks can be dangerous and a waste of both fossil fuels and money. An emergency plumber/gas fitter called to attend a gas leak would normally trace the leak to find its source, and then shut off the gas supply and repair the section of pipe that was leaking. The gas supply would then be resumed and tested.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with the location of your gas meter so that you can turn off the supply quickly in the event of an emergency.

The above are only some of the plumbing problems requiring urgent repair. Where possible, it is always worth calling your plumbing service during business hours to avoid having to pay the after hours rates of an emergency plumber.

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