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June 15th, 2010

Repairing a leaking tap

Repairing a leaking tap is a relatively simple job and anybody can do it as long as they get a little bit of instruction. This article will tell you how to replace the washer and a fairly standard tap or a pillar.

The very first thing that you have to do in repairing a leaking tap is to turn off the water supply. Sometimes you will have isolating valves underneath the tap which isolate the tap or room. However if this is not available you’ll have to turn off the water at the main stopcock. Most the time you will just have to turn off the hot water so turn the hot-water stopcock and keep turning clockwise until it finally stops.

If you have hard water in your area then there’s a good chance that your stopcock will be jammed. This is why you need to constantly turn it just to make sure that no hard buildup occurs. If it is jammed up you can always squirt WD-40 and then wait for a few minutes to try it again.

Now that you have the water turned off you can finally identify where the problem is. The biggest problem you will find with a leaking tap is a weak connection. Most of the time if you just tighten the connections between your tap and water supply and it will fix the problem. However if after you have birdied him at stills continues to leak then you might have to replace a couple of items including the valve seal.

Since washers are pretty cheap it is worth replacing them even if they look fine. Washers are held on by either a small amount or a fixed pin. The washer is the thing that keeps the connections tight together so it is pretty imperative that it is in working order.

If you have replaced most of the parts and it is still leaking then there could be a problem with the actual seat. Replacing or repairing the seat is much more difficult and will require the need of our plumber’s, in order to install it or repair it successfully.

Leaking taps will cost you money if they are not looked at and repaired. Our plumbers will always provide you with the best service on your taps. 1300-556-896 call now and have your taps fully-serviced.

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