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April 7th, 2010

Repair blocked drains

A problem which occurs in any household is a blocked drain . Sometimes it is possible to handle it yourself; however, in more serious situations a Local Sydney Plumber is required.

The most frequent drain blockages happen within the house.  It is important to know and distinguish between these two situations. More than one drain can be clogged inside your house or building. Thus, you might have the waste returning through the clogged pipe if the others are being flushed. If only one drain is blocked you can try and clean it yourself by using a common toilet plunger.

If there is only a simple pipe obstruction within your house there are several things you can do to remove it. If only your sink trap is clogged, you can try one of two methods. The first one is to use draining chemicals. These are pretty efficient if the blockage is not too severe. It’s usually hair and grease that get stuck in the kitchen and bathroom draining pipes.

The clogs in the bathroom draining pipes can be removed by using a toilet plunger. You can as well have our plumber use an electric eel or a jet blaster to repair the blocked drain. When using a plunger, pushing it down to remove the blocked drain  might take a few minutes. Usually, either the electric eel or the water jetter will do a quicker job.

To sum up, repairing blocked drains requires exhaustive inspection and much work. Depending on the problem, the solution can take more or less time. However, one should bear in mind that it is absolutely necessary to alleviate the problem of drain obstructions due to its importance for the proper functioning of any household.

For more information of blocked drains, contact the Local Sydney Plumber on 1300 556 896.

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