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June 22nd, 2010

Preventing a blocked drain

When it comes to blocked drains, tree roots are the most common cause. During the hot months of the Australian summer, it is common for condensation to form on the outside of sewer or storm water pipes. This in turn attracts the roots of trees that are looking for a drink. Over time, the roots of trees may break through the pipe. This leads to a net-like effect where debris is caught in the roots and leads o a blocked drain.

The big problem with this is that even when the tree roots are cleared from the pipes by a plumber, the pipe will still remain damaged. Any water that then leaks from the pipe will attract further root systems which given time will once again block the drain. The only permanent solution to this problem is to replace the damaged section.

There are a few steps that can be taken to help prevent blocked drains caused by tree roots. PVC pipe is recommended for all new drain replacements and installations for below ground use. When installed correctly there is a much smaller chance of tree roots penetrating the pipe. PVC pipes will also rarely collapse as a result of ground subsidence and will usually come with about a 50 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Any new tree that you plant should not be planted in the general vicinity of your drain lines. You can ask your plumber if you are unsure as to where your drains run. Also, before planting any new trees, it would be wise to do some research on the best tree species to avoid blocked drains caused by tree roots.

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