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June 8th, 2010

How to fix your leaking toilet

If you have ever ran into huge water bill before without knowing why and tried everything you could to reduce it but nothing seems to work, and then one of your problems may be a leaking toilet. A leaking toilet could be caused by many things but in the end it can waste thousands of gallons of water every single year unless something is done about it. It’s not very hard to fix, the only tough part is identifying whether it is leaking or not.

Of course one of the ways you can find out is to see if there any other additional things you must do in order to stop the toilet from flowing. If you have ever had to jiggle the handle to get it to stop or simply see that the water ripples even after the toilet is done being used, then you probably have a leaking toilet. Also toilets don’t make any noise from having refilled themselves so if it sounds like it’s constantly refilling itself, then it probably is. Also be sure to check your basement or wherever you keep your pipes to make sure that there is nothing leaking there as well.

Here is a tactic you can use to see if there is anything wrong with your toilet. Open your toilet tank and put a decent amount of food coloring in it. Make sure that nobody uses the toilet for a few hours and when you come back to check see if there is any food coloring in the toilet bowl. Obviously, if there is food coloring that means you have a leak coming between the tank and the bowl. Although this does not fix your problem it finds where the problem is so it can be fixed.

Usually the seal between the toilet and the bowl is what causes the leaks. Stop by any home-improvement shop to replace the items and find a guide online as well. If there is something physically wrong with the toilet you might have to contact a plumber or even replace the entire toilet. Toilets can range from very expensive to very economic so don’t worry about breaking the bank if you do have to replace your toilet.

Another way you could help your problem is if you do decide to replace your toilet to get a low flush toilet. Not only will you save more water by fixing your toilet but you will save even more every time you flush. Normal toilets can use gallons of water every single time but a low flush toilet uses an even smaller percentage of that and still gets the job done.

There could be other problems why you have a leaking toilet but these are the most common. Anything else you will probably have to contact a certified plumber to deal with. Luckily toilets are a common problem so you should have no trouble finding a good plumber to work at a reasonable rate.

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