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February 6th, 2010

Hot Water Repair

The Local Sydney Plumber, makes sure he provides you with the best suitable for your household hot water System. Not only will we install them correctly, we as well repair any problems that you might have with your water heaters.

There are so many possible problems, which may arise with your water heater. However, it is not a daunting task for my team of plumbers.

Assuming that the storage tank is working, there are a few commonly known problems that occur with water heaters. Those are complete absence of hot water, inadequate temperature of the water in the tank (either too hot or too cold), insufficient amounts of hot water, leakages of either the tank or the valve, unpleasant odor of the water and various sounds produced by the tank.

There are available repairs for all of the water heater problems, except in the case of tank leakage, where you will have to buy a new heater.

One issue that might surface with your hot water system is that there is no hot water produced by the heater. There is a list of parts that may not be working properly if this is the case. The parts are the following: gas pilot, gas thermocouple, gas pilot control valve, electric thermostat or upper electric heating element. Any of these parts can be out of order consequently causing the lack of hot water in your heater.

For more information on repairing your hot water system, please contact me the Local Sydney Plumber, and I am more then happy to help.

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