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October 8th, 2010

Fix your blocked sink

Having blocked sinks can be a real pain and it’s a lot easier to prevent blocked sinks than it is to fix them. However, there are certain ways you can apply in order to fix your blocked sinks. Throughout this article we will tell you a couple of different techniques that will help you remove the clutter and clog trapped in your pipes.

The first thing you have to do in order to clear your blocked sinks is to see how far down the clog really is. Most of the time, the clog is only a few inches down into the pipe and can be physically removed by your hand. Make sure that this is not the problem as it will save you a lot of time and effort and most of all money. Be sure to wear proper gloves when trying to do this and by no means attempt to put your hands down the whole if there is a garbage disposal active or even there.

If the blockage is too far down for you to reach another technique that you can use is to pour salt down your drain. By pouring salt down the drain followed immediately by boiling hot water it eats away at the blocked sink. Even if you don’t have a clog this is a good technique to apply once every other month to make sure that your drain stays clear of unwanted materials and foodstuffs.

Another way that you can unclog your sink is to go to a hardware store and purchase an electric eel. You can then remove the blockage with the eel or simply use the eel to try and push the blockage down even farther and break it up. If you hire our plumbers they will try to use this first.

The last technique is to go and get a type of un-clogging liquid. It’s not very expensive and if you pour the two liquids down the drain they create foam that expands and pushes out the clog while eating away at it at the same time. Be careful when applying this as the chemicals when put together can cause skin irritation and most definitely keep it away from your eyes. It’s always better to use gloves and goggles when using this material as sometimes vaporous gases can escape from the drain and hurt you.

If the clog still hasn’t gone away yet most likely you will need to contact our plumbing team. Blocked drains are a very common problem and do not cost very much to fix, but if done wrong you could do more damage to your drains. It’s always better to contact a seasoned professional to take care of these problems for you. Clearing blocked sinks can sometimes be a do-it-yourself job, try out these techniques today to see if you have what it takes.

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