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September 28th, 2010

Finding a leak with gas Plumbing

It can be scary to find a leak with gas plumbing. When people think of plumbing they think of water but it applies to other things as well. Natural gas in itself is odorless and colorless which means if you have a leak in your house it may be too late to find out. Luckily for you, there are certain things added to natural gas that will prevent such accidents from happening. Here’s how you can detect and fix gas plumbing leaks.

One of the first warning signs is the smell. As already stated, natural gas has no smell but companies have added a harmless chemical to the gas to give it a very distinctive odor. This odor is very recognizable and does not smell pleasant which alerts your nose that something is wrong. If you ever come across the smell you must shut your gas supply immediately, and then call our gas plumbers. If there are any open flames around or cell phone devices or any electronic sound turn them off. In a nutshell, anything that could provide a spark to ignite the gas should be removed to prevent any explosions. Do not search for where the leak is as our professionals who will do this and have better equipment meant for the job.

After you have contacted our professional gas plumbers, they will most likely turn off the gas and let it air out until it is safe again.

To prevent gas leaks contact our plumbing service who will instruct you on how to properly safeguard your house from any problems that may occur or even come in and do it for you. One of the easier things to do is to make sure that no flammable materials are left by your gas lines or gauge and to make sure that any appliances that may use electricity or flame to function are properly stowed at a safe distance away as well. Again, since the danger is high you should always contact a certified professional plumber to make sure that everything is in working order and have regular checkups every year so to make sure that everything is still in working order. It may seem silly to check something every single year but it only takes a little bit of gas to have dire consequences.

Gas is still a safe and efficient way of powering your house but it does take precautions. Gas plumbing is something to take seriously and should always be a top priority when a problem occurs. Remember that gas plumbing is never a do-it-yourself job and should always require the help of a professional.

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