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October 7th, 2010

Blocked Toilets

Blocked toilets are the most unpleasant experience, and generally happen at the most inconvenient times. There are many reasons for a Blocked Toilet:

1. It may be an indicator of a bigger problem such a sewer blockage; this could mean using the plunger, Water Jetter or electric eel to clear out the sewer line.

2. It may also be caused by an obstruction in the toilet line such as little Johnny’s Superman toy or a toilet freshener that may have fallen into the toilet and jammed in the pipe.

3. The blockage could also be caused by a large amount of toilet paper blocking the sewer drain.

Do I have a Blocked Toilet?

If the water from a Toilet fails to drain away easily or, overflows completely, there is a blockage. Frequently this will be in the water trap in the pan itself.

But, before proceeding, check the flow from other waste pipes to establish whether the blockage is affecting all the pipes. If it is, then the obstruction will be further down the line.

Steps to help clear your blocked toilet

1. If the toilet is over flowing, then turn off the emergency shut off valve which can be located at the base of the toilet or inside the cistern. Do not, I mean do not let anyone use the toilet, as a please from your friendly plumbers.

Plunge the toilet if you see if the water level goes down, it means you are helping unblock that dreadful blockage.

2. Drain Surgeons are waiting to dispatch and help clear your toilet. 1300 556 896

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